All AboutMail Order Marijuana

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Many citizens of America are longing for having mail order marijuana legal because in Canada, their government has legalized it for more than a year now and even patients can have it for longer use. As of now, there are about 400 licensed marijuana stores in Canada, during its first year of legalization, the consumers bought $908 million worth of legal cannabis in which the highest concentration of consumers is the age range of 19-44 years old. Modern technology makes everything simple and quick to purchase almost everything even marijuana. We can place our order online and deliver it to your home but before looking for an online store to purchase, let us know some facts about marijuana.

The process of Marijuana in British Columbia.

Every little gram of marijuana that is sold in all parts of Canada goes through the British Columbia Liquor Distribution (LDB). They are the sole wholesaler and supplier of cannabis to all the licensed stores in the entire country. After having a sales contract with the producer, the marijuana is all shipped to the LDB’s distribution center in Richmond. After that, orders are shipped to licensed retailers and private consumers through the use of the mail system, the Canada Postal.

Mailing order Marijuana in Canada becomes easier for everyone because no matter where you live, you can purchase it with the same shipping fee.

The Canopy Growth.

At the beginning of their legalization, Canopy Growth had 2.4 million square feet of production space at the world’s biggest and licensed marijuana distribution center. Before the CEO of the said center wanted to distribute the marijuana on the physical store but as time goes by, the agency regulated and open new licensed stores both online and physical around the country. Aside from that, they are also hoping to have updated additional licenses in producing edibles and vape products in the near future.

Cann Mart

Cann Mart is a licensed technological company that facilitates adult-use and medical cannabis sales throughout the country. They are also helping licensed producers to get their products to market since many of them do not have the licenses for sale, they are only to produce. They do not grow cannabis, they are just focused on finding the possible product and providing good products to the consumer’s hands.

The company works on directing sales to cannabis patients and producers to the retail stores but as expected, they also have their competitor in the black market and others are not licensed. Additionally, to keep their consumers safe and their business to be secure, Cann Mart advocates to shut down black market operators and allow the licensed store to directly sell to adult-use consumers.

The evolving market and the unpredicted problems.

With the emerging popularity of cannabis, online and physical stores can be both legally sell edible products and vapes in the future but the trouble Canada is facing right now goes more than product offering and business owners have their hands tied.

The question now is, will the U.S. allow the mail-order sales like in Canada? Well, we will find it out in the future.