Atemschutz (Respiratory protection): Why You Should Wear a Face Mask

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Since time immemorial, we are all used to the fact that people only wear masks if they have coughs. That is to prevent the viruses and bacteria from spreading to another person. However, when the year 2019 came, everything has changed. Face masks has been one of the in demand items in the market may it be in the online market or to the physical stores. Some even have to implement the wearing of face shields because it is believed to give extra protection to the people. Up until this year, most of us are still wearing face masks because we are all afraid that we might get infected by the life-threatening virus which is called the corona virus. It is a kind of deadly virus that can risk everyone’s health. If you are positive to have it, then you will need to isolate yourself and stay in an area for quarantine. Some of the Covid-19 survivors have already attested that the healing process is not as easy as everyone thinks. You need to endure sleepless nights without someone who can immediately assist you with your need. It is not a secret that the health care workers are all too busy right now and they might not be able to serve you right away because there is a large number of patients that are admitted to the hospital.


In this time, it is imperative to have Atemschutz (Respiratory protection). The Covisd-19 targets the immune system of the humans and the only way to safeguard ourselves from it is through covering our mouth and nose, and getting vaccinated. A vast number of people are using the Atemschutz (Respiratory protection) right now because they have already realized the benefits of using it. In this article, we will be tackling about why you should wear a face mask all the time.


Why You Need to Wear Face Masks


  • It prevents the virus from entering your body. The face masks covers your mouth and nose which are two of the possible passages of the virus from the outside of the body to the inside.


  • It helps you protect not only yourself but also the people around you.If you are infected by the virus, then you are already a threat to the people around you. If you are infected with corona virus,you need to wear the mask to lessen the transmission. This way, you can help others to preserve their health.


  • Face masks allows you to talk even in a distance. If masks were non-existent, then you will be prohibited to talk to others because the virus is absolutely contagious which means that it can be transmitted with drops of saliva coming from your mouth.


Now that you have learned about the reasons why you need to wear face masks, always make sure that you wear them all the time. There is a need for all of us to cooperate most especially at this trying time so that we can be able to live a normal life again.