Benefits Of Cat Towers For Your Pet

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Cat trees are not only effective in keeping cats from climbing and scratching the furniture, but they also provide several health benefits to your cat. Whether you’re purchasing a new cat tree for your feline companion or replacing an old one, you’re about to discover just how crucial it is to have one.


What Your Cat Sees When He Looks At Cat Tree


Unlike any other piece of furniture you might have in your home, a cat tree may not appear to be a particularly appealing or even necessary addition at first glance. However, that tree is a siren’s call for your cat, and you should avoid it. The capacity of your cat to catch prey demonstrates the millions of years of evolution that have taken place.


So, what’s the final word? A cat tower is a must-have for every cat-friendly home since it allows them to do what cats have been doing for millennia: being themselves in their natural environment.


Climbing AndClawsome Are Two Words That Come To Mind


Cats need to keep their claws sharp for a variety of reasons, including hunting and fighting, in addition to climbing. This is because they are highly skilled predators and combatants. Cat trees, like real trees, allow indoor cats to perch at a comfortable height from which they can examine their surroundings and hunt for prey such as toy mice and other small rodents.


Cat trees not only provide your cat with a safe area to climb and sharpen its claws, but they also allow your cat to define their territorial boundaries. It is believed that the scent glands in a cat’s paws serve as a signal to other cats that the area where they are scratching is their territory. Every cat in the house participates in this behavior daily, thus there is no such thing as a one-cat family when it comes to scratching.


Confidence That Comes From Within


Cat trees not only provide a secure refuge for your feline buddy, but they also provide them with the essentials of life such as food and water. Even though they may enjoy lying on your bed or couch when they are calm, your cat requires a haven when they are fearful or worried.


To avoid being ambushed by predators by hiding beneath furniture, cats can use a cat tower as an alternative route of escaping. While climbing to a higher perch, your cat will remain safe since it will be inaccessible to any perceived threats as long as it can reach the perch.


An Area For Relaxation


Most likely, you’ve experienced the surprising bursts of energy that send your cat running around the house and scratching madly at whatever they can get their claws on. When a cat is frustrated, he or she will look for something to scratch to release some of the pent-up energy in their bodies.


Your feline buddy will be able to let off some pent-up energy in a cat tree, and he or she will be able to scratch to their hearts’ delight.