Best Weed Concentrates for Advanced Users

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As the weed industry is growing, the demand for concentrates and extracts are also increasing. Nowadays, these cannabis products have become go-to items for users.


Weed concentrates are becoming popular because of valid reasons. They not only have high potency but are also healthy to consume provided it is taken in controlled amounts.

You can buy weed concentrates such as tinctures, oils, shatter, and others online. All you need to do is look for a reliable and legal website.


Types of Weed Concentrates To Buy


There are different types of weed concentrates available in the market. You can either buy them in bulk or smaller quantities. The most popular types of concentrates are:


  1. Kief


Kief is rich in THC and is found on the surface of weed flowers. It has a light green and powdery appearance and is highly rich in chemical compounds that are present in marijuana flowers.


Kief is usually added in blunts and joints. They are also sprinkled on top of fresh cannabis flowers. To further refine the material, some users compress it into rosin.


  1. Hash


Even if you haven’t used hash before, you must have heard about it. It is pressed resin compressed into slabs. There also exist other traditional forms such as Charas, Nepalese, Afghani, and Moroccan.


For those unversed, hash is made using traditional, hand techniques. The most common type of hash is called the bubble hash. It is mainly found in North America, where is it sold legally.


  1. Shatter


Shatter can be easily identified because of its vibrant colour. It has become increasingly popular in modern times. It has a unique texture which makes it different from other types of concentrates.


The solid texture of shatter feels like glass. It contains high amounts of terpene and usually has a very strong flavour and pungent aroma. You can either vape or dab it, depending on your preference.


  1. Weed wax


Weed wax has a gooey, crumbly texture. It is a type of sticky extract that feels similar to candle wax. Like most other extracts, cannabis wax is also dependent on CBD, terpene, and THC levels.


It is extracted using a special method that helps preserve most of the constituent chemicals from the plant. Wax has become popular because it is easy to handle and consume. It has a pungent smell and flavour.


  1. Live resin


Since live resin is fairly new, many of you are yet to try it. It is been only a few years since it has entered the market. It is made using frozen-dried cannabis. It preserves mono-terpenes and other important chemical compounds during the lengthy curing process.


It is highly potent and also rich in fragrant oils. This is probably one of the tastiest concentrates available. Unfortunately, it is way more expensive than other extracts.


You will find a wide variety of cannabis concentrates in the market. But you should opt for the one that you can handle or consume. The ones mentioned above are the most popular and effective ones available.