Golden teacher mushroom- know more about it

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The golden teacher is the weed variety that is cultivated from the strain of cubensis psilocybe and it is consider as the top class mushroom species. It is available with light yellow and brownish color. This mushroom is available with golden top cap which is generally little bit dark in color. The user may find many other varieties of golden teacher mushroom which is available in many other potency and species. In other way cubensis which is present in magic mushroom offer enjoyable symptoms in a user such as euphoria, hallucinations and nausea. The psilocybin present in golden teacher mushrooms are work as a psychoactive substance which offer many more physical and mental benefits to the human and pet.

However, golden teacher or GT mushroom is a kind of magic mushroom species which is availed with different active substances that usually gives different trips and benefits and it is a type of wild mushroom species which is cultivated like golden teacher shrooms.


What are the Effects of golden teacher shrooms-

The shroom strain has average potency and has shorter effects only for three to four hours as compared to other strains. The beginner will not experience the full effects in starting but later they feel cal, relax and get soothing experiences. User can take its milder dosage if they have strong body.

Dosage about GT Shrooms-

The dosage will depend upon the user. They may take light, moderate, intense or micro-dosage of golden teacher shroom. It will depend upon user’s body and stamina. They can consume mushroom as fresh or dried form and it will depend upon them. In addition, user can calculate its estimated dosages for cubensis and we recommended using lighter dose in the starting. They can take smaller dosage to see the effects on the body.

Growing Golden Teacher at home-

Golden teacher mushrrom is easy to grow in the home. As this strain is easy grown since it is fruity weed strains and it is grow in any sub optimal situations. This shroom is a right choice for the first time cultivator.

This shroom may take around two weeks in order to grow properly and mature to a fruit. Sometimes it may take more than two weeks to grow. However, the golden teacher or magic mushroom is grown by different varieties of method that can be carried out using a hybrid method. But make sure to take proper guidance before doing any kind of experiments. So be careful and follow all methods to get the right results.




The golden teacher mushroom or magic shrooms is available to sell and buy legally in many countries. This is easily available with ay reliable online and offline store to buy. You can find genuine shop to buy premium quality of golden teacher mushroom products. It is available in fresh flowers or in dried forms. User can buy according to their requirement. The online seller suppler offer varied variety of shrooms items at the better prices.