How About Period Undies – Do they Work like Regular Underwear?

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How do you feel about being referred to as a “baby bearer”? According to an article written by Saadia S. Dhailey on May 18, 2011, ‘The Times of India’ refers to you as such, “Too much is involved as baby-bearers are reminded of their natural function every month…”


Besides the fact that you are the baby’s carrier, this is also your ‘primary role’!  There’s no disputing that many of us would want to get free of the monthly trial subscription for good. Maybe we can work something out…”


Do you wish to put a halt to the phenomena of rain just because it is inconvenient to be outside in the rain at the moment? A medication that completely eliminates menstruation is like discovering a mechanism for completely eliminating rain! Both menstruation and rain are essential to the cycle of our lives. Depending on your mindset and desire to participate, either might be inconvenient or enjoyable!


And, yeah, I’m sure you, like the rest of us, have been severely inconvenienced by your menstrual period on several times.  It is just as shortsighted to control menstrual flow as it is to prevent rain! In addition to the fact that we do not yet know what the long-term hormonal ramifications of suppressing menstruation could be, suppressing menstruation is interfering with the design of femininity! Women exist in a cyclical state.


Every month, we dance to the beat of the moon’s growth and contraction, shifting from outward-bound to inward-bound states of being, from activity to dreaminess and back again.


What about PMS, Cramps, and Mood Swings


Remember the difference between being unhappy in the rain and delighting in it? The rain is not here to cause us any difficulty. Because it’s there for a purpose, and because it invites us to be joyous in it if we so choose.


PMS, as well as the majority of physical and emotional symptoms associated with menstruation, are also caused by a physiological process. They are our body’s intelligent way of bringing our attention to the need to pause, relax, go inside, and refill ourselves and our resources. Stopping menstruation is equivalent to murdering the messenger! Instead, we may express our gratitude to it.


We may appreciate our bodies for alerting us that we’ve been on the run for too long and that it’s time to take a break.  Perhaps you will soon learn that your body’s rhythm provides you with vigor and regeneration, rather than that you are desirous of doing away with it.


Women during this time of the month does so many different things just to find their comfort and that includes their clothes, food and their environment. Menstruation can be messy too, so wearing the right kind of product to prevent stains is also part of their headache.


What is on your List When You Go Grocery Shopping?


Every time we are out to go for grocery shopping, I am pretty sure that sanitary napkins, over the counter pain killers, favorite chocolates are on your list. Now here is something new to add on, why not buy some period undies?


This period undies are remarkably designed to function like normal underwear’s but it is capable in absorbing menstrual flow. It’s amazing right?  It is convenient for us ladies if you know what I mean.

So, why spend much on your monthly grocery buying tampon, sanitary pads and etc.? Go ahead and buy those undies instead, it saves you money.