How to end up with an OEM company for the cosmetic business?

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Your dreams of building your own cosmetic business may become true with the help of a own brand products (produk jenama sendiri) otherwise known as an OEM cosmetic factory. The following resources can help you find such suppliers.

Google search

It is a universally known way of finding something. All you should do is open your browser and search for the OEM cosmetic factor in the search engine to get a list of such companies. Most of these results will be reliable as Google is the widely used engine with plenty of algorithms to bring you the best results. You can reach the OEM’s website directly through this search engine.

Cosmetic blogs and websites

You will find thousands of blogs online that talk about cosmetic products, companies, and other related stuff. These blogs can provide you with more information about the various companies that offer manufacturing services for cosmetic companies. You can find such a blog and get the info. Sometimes, the OEM companies themselves will have blogs that are ranking high on the search engine results. You can find them in this way also.

Competitor websites

If there is a competitor company for your cosmetics business, there are high chances for the company to get its products from an OEM company. Although it may not be true all the time, you can try to check the website of the competitor or contacting someone from the company to know the suppliers if any. So, checking the competitors will also help in finding the right OEM for your business.


The digital world is full of adverts and the OEMs also would have to promote themselves. So, you can find adverts from OEMs around you if you are in search of such a company as everything is connected in this digital world. So, you can keep an eye on the advertisements.