Learn How To Wear Shoulder Holsters

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If you’re looking for concealed carry, a shoulder holster is a popular option. They are especially useful for comfortable positioning while sitting and driving, even for heavy guns like a revolver or 1911. Read the article to know how to wear comfortable shoulder holsters.


What is a shoulder holster?

A shoulder holster is a comfortable gun-carry case that sits on your shoulder across your back. It is ideal for people who carry a gun while working with both hands busy and spend a lot of time sitting. These holsters distribute the weight of the gun equally across your shoulders with straps that wrap around your armpits.


How to wear a shoulder holster?

Shoulder holsters are easy to carry but require practice as they may seem uncomfortable to you if you’re a beginner. Therefore, you need to adjust them according to your size and fit. Follow the steps to wear a shoulder holster comfortably.


  • Put the empty holster on: Slide your arms into the holster loops and keep the straps upward below your neck, where it is balanced. Make sure the straps are straight and centered on your shoulders.


  • Adjust the holster: Pull the harness and tighten the straps around your torso and shoulder. It prevents the holster from moving too much. Try various movements to ensure full comfort. Keep the holster rigs under your armpit, where you keep the gun.


  • Put the gun and the magazines: Put the gun and magazine into the pockets. If you’re a right-handed shooter, keep the gun under your left armpit, while if you’re a left-handed shooter, put the gun under your right armpit. Adjust the angle of the holster, practice which angle is easier to draw the gun.


  • Wear a jacket or cover: For easy concealment, wearing a cover such as a jacket or a coat is necessary. The cloth must be open, not zipped otherwise the gun will be visible. It also allows easier access to the gun.


  • Draw the gun: After wearing the loaded holster, practice movements with it. It may feel strange at first, but practice will make you comfortable. Once you’re comfortable, carry your loaded holster with a permit.




  1. Are leather shoulder holsters good?

Yes, leather has been used for making holsters for a long time. It has the best shaping and fit for any gun. When wearing shoulder holsters, we need the fit to be perfect, not loose or strappy. Also, leather combined with your gun-like skin gives perfect deep concealment with no discomfort. Leather rigs are more concealable and last longer, saving your money and giving a consistent draw over time.


  1. What are the best-rated shoulder holsters?

Some of the best-rated shoulder holsters are the ones, which are fairly suitable for a variety of guns are- GalcoParabellum Hybrid, Galco Miami Classic II, Aker Leather 101 Comfort-Flex Shoulder Holster, Bianchi X15, Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster, and The UTG Deluxe Universal Vertical and Horizontal Shoulder Holsters. There are many more options if you want a particular style according to your taste.