Warning signs that you have placed the wrong fuel in your car

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If you have just been to a petrol station and with your normal rush between being to rush home to the kids, running various errands or to fight to bit the rush hour traffic, your car begins to do crazy things and you aren’t sure about what it is all about. The first thing you are advised by the professionals at wrong fuel sos is to avoid panicking, get yourself to the roadside and then think about the warning signs of wrong fuel or the contamination of fuel in your vehicle.

Car jumping

If you just left the forecourt and are down on the road and then you find that your vehicle is jumping suddenly, it could be a warning that you injected the wrong fuel in the tank, it could be diesel in your petrol car or petrol in your diesel car, but you are going to know if this happens.

Whenever you accelerate, the car will feel like it is losing its power and keeps jolting forward and back as the petrol sticks on the pistons and acts as a solvent which caused damage to the pumps, corroding the lubrication that will denote that you are having metal on metal, which can end up causing damage in the long run, but not if you decide to remove it immediately. There are various parts of a diesel engine which aren’t compatible with petrol, which can be damaged as well.

Smokey exhaust

Another tell-tale sign of a common misfuelling is a smokey exhaust. If you happen to notice that your exhaust is smoking quite heavily, then you need to stop your car immediately and turn the ignition off. It can be petrol that is hitting with the diesel which causes a lot of heat and burning on the exhaust, and you don’t want that you fork out money to purchase new exhaust.

The engine misfiring

There are times when you will end up hearing a big bang or you might be a few splutters which will all depend on the vehicle type that you are having. The majority of the cars do misfire, so do bikes and vans. Larger vehicles and lorries might jolt as well when the pistons struggle in coping without the lubrication. What you have to do is to stop the engine and look for emergency roadside help.

It is all bad news……

The good thing about it all is that, when you put diesel in petrol, it tends to be less serious as compared to putting petrol into a diesel engine. You will unlikely have to do any permanent damage to your fuel system or engine.

Going for a full flush of the fuel lines and the tank is important in removing any fuel that is contaminated. Once the flush gets carried out and the vehicle gets cleared, the remaining residue diesel that remains in the system, the car needs to run just fine.

If you have a fuel drain, then it is recommended that you go ahead and change your fuel filter later on so that to caution yourself, but at the same time, you ought to be fine as long as the fuel gets drained well and the engine can get flushed as well.