What are the side effects of Tropoflavin?

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We now live in an advanced world where humans are getting more intelligent and inventions, research, and technologies are greatly in demand in society. Our mind is truly powerful and has the biggest role in the whole anatomy of our bodies. It has the ability to think of ideas and analyze even the impossible things that later on will turn into reality with the use of our bodies. The brain is truly the most essential organ but sometimes it is being abused and harmed because of a lot of factors. However, with the widely implemented research well-studied investigations some cures to the brain have been discovered.

7,8-dihydroxyflavone (7,8-DHF), also known as Tropoflavin  was researched and studied by scientists, which is now on a clinical trial for Its effectiveness in human consumption has been widely talked about all over the world. Tropoflavin powder can be found in some plants in the genus Sephora. It is a chemical studied by scientists; they are looking at potential benefits it brings to humans. This was currently tested on animals but not yet on humans. It is not yet available in any stores or websites since it is still under thorough clinical experimentation.


Tropoflavin powder has good benefits mainly on the brain. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory and is found to that balance the cellular enzyme in the brain. It maintains the good function of the brain cells and brain activities. It also helps memory to function well. They say it can potentially be a solution for different brain disabilities and diseases. It has a good effect on brain cells and improves brain nerves and can result in strong mental capabilities. Despite the good effects and benefits of this chemical, there can be possible side effects that will occur.


Here are the possible side effects of Tropoflavin powder to humans:

  • Weight loss- this is might work specifically for females, according to a study in rat animal, female rats has improved metabolism but it seems like rats lose fats that cause them to lose weight which could be possible same effects on humans.
  • Increased heart rate- due to the chemical content of tropoflavin
  • Gastrointestinal problem – especially if it was taken on an empty stomach.
  • Epilepsy- there could be a small chance that it might cause seizures. It is important to keep a keen eye and monitor blood levels.
  • Anxiety- according to benefits it can cure anxiety but this can possibly develop anxiety but the chance is minimal. It is still important to seek advice from your trusted physician.
  • acne- this can be normal and has no harmful side effects that you might experience with tropoflavin powder. The chemical from tropoflavin might react to your blood and cause acne. However, this side effect can be eliminated with a lot of alternatives.

Tropoflavin powder may have good benefits in your brain but you must also assess your body and self if you’re planning to consume this due to its possible side effects. It’s okay to seek improvements but you should be very careful.